Saturday, November 22, 2008

Move over Bitty Girl...

Your cousin is pulling ahead of you in the audition line for Funniest 2 yr old.

Part II of Guest Comedian Cousin...

According to my sister, her 2 1/2 year old has an equal passion for the Madagascar theme song. She watches the 3-minute music video they found on the On Demand cable channel, to quote my sister, "I don't know....15 times in a row each time."

She says "Move it, move it" and dances and shakes her booty.

Even better... Take that, Sleeping Judy!
Guest Comedian Cousin calls Sleeping Beauty "Shakin' Booty" and she doesn't know she's being funny. Not yet, anyway.

Her latest favorite game? PAY IT! An imaginary shopping game where she is the "worker girl" and you are the customer. I would fly to the East Coast just to play Pay It and meet Shakin' Booty...

We miss you, Guest Comedian Cousin!
And your mom and brother too!

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