Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Guilty lists

I was, okay, I'll admit it, COMPULSIVE about keeping lists of milestones when The Boy was a baby. His first words, journal entries about what he was doing every single month. (Note to self: get a life!!!)

And as a result, he's a completely typical first baby who thinks the world revolves around him.

But I never should have done the lists, because I should have known I could never keep them up with Baby #2.
I just found, in the pile o'crap that is my office, a list of words that I was keeping as Bitty Girl's "latest," I think from about April-Sept 2008. Of course it's not dated, and she says so much more now, so I really have no idea what time period it covers. Something around 2 years old..

Here it is:
  • own juice!
  • NOW
  • pick
  • Audee (saying her name)
  • please
  • right here
  • thank you
  • sorry
  • I lub you (love you)
  • healthy lunch
  • cookie after dinner (this was proudly her first 3 word sentence, I think)
  • popcorn (pop-o-door)
  • sandwich (tranwich)
  • lollipop (pop or loblie)

I guess I should be happy that I wrote anything down?? I tell myself that she'll be a better person for it--better adjusted, more adaptable. Living out of the glare of the Mommy Microscope has to have some benefits, right? Just say yes.

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