Sunday, November 23, 2008

Intergenerational Bossy

Bitty Girl entertaining one of her biggest fans, Great-Grandma "NuNu."

We spent the weekend at Nanny and Papa's house, where evidently it was the Bossy Girl Show. She comes from a loooooong line of bossy.
The Boy was outside playing most of today, far away from the camera.

She ran Nanny, NuNu, and Auntie Catherine through the ranks of many thrilling games. Highlights included:
1. Very Bossy Daycare, where we strongly suggest you take a nap - look how fun it is!

Serious naptime discussions were had by all.

2. Very Bossy Edible Video game, where you better eat what she gives you, and maybe hand over your jewelry too,

3. Very Bossy Cookie Decorating--watch out for the pre-licked ones,

I wouldn't recommend the one in the lower left of the photo...

4. Very Bossy Movie watching, where you hand over your computer to indulge the Queen because her brother is upstairs watching something she doesn't like.
Considering that she comes from a mother who insisted on being in charge of her sister's birthday parties and a great-grandmother famous for her declaration of "I MUST TAKE CHARGE!" is anyone really that surprised??

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Nanny Karen said...

The bossy gene must have skipped a generation..... (NuNu then to mommy) WHAT Papa Steve?? It DIDN'T?? Nanny IS in there?