Sunday, July 26, 2009

Let's get something straight.

Straight out of Bitty Girl's mouth tonight:

SCENE: Throwing a ball in the backyard with Daddy. Bitty Girl throws ball to Daddy. Daddy throws it back, but the ball rolls under the pine tree. Daddy retrieves the ball.

Bitty Girl: Daddy, come sit down over here by me. We need to have a discussion. (motions for him to come sit on the deck with her) You need to know that on our team, we don't throw the ball under the tree. Got it?

He got it.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

We are thankful

that she came fully assembled. Bossy, but assembled.

In a desperate attempt at organization, we have been busy with some RTA furniture. I'm actually fairly impressed with these ClosetMaid cubes so far. The main reason I'm impressed is probably because I was able to put them together myself, which is a miracle in itself. Pat is usually the furniture man around here, but this week it's Mama and the Drama King and Queen.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Not to be outdone on the bike riding

A few days ago, she couldn't even turn the pedals herself.

She's a true Boss, even when riding her bike

and after a few turns, she refused all offers of help!

Way to go, Bitty Girl!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Bitty Girl has always called her cousin Grady instead of Brady. The Boy had a preschool friend named Grady, and she just can't get past it.

We've practiced, she's heard it a million times, and she CAN pronounce the "br" sound (see video), but now I think it's become a joke to her. She usually calls him BrrrrrGRADY!

He just celebrated his first birthday, so let's hope she gets it right before he cares.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Snap! go the apron strings

Tonight I’m snuggling w/The Boy before bed, and it’s hot, so I’m wearing a tank top. His arm must have brushed against my underarm, because suddenly, he says, “What was that?”

I inspected, and it’s not that bad – I think I just didn’t shave this morning. I explain that it’s where I need to shave under my arms and he looks completely astonished.
“You have hair under there?”
I am slightly baffled as to why this is shocking to him, do the “we are mammals” talk, and We talked about Daddy’s whiskers and how he’ll have them on his face someday.

I told him how if I didn’t shave, it would look like Daddy’s armpits.
I wish I had a picture of his face—completely repulsed and slightly heartbroken. It’s not like he has trouble finding fault w/me, but I think it goes against the Mommy smooth skin for cuddling thing.

His exact words, “That is totally disgusting.”

Then when I went back in there a little later, he said, “Mom, next time you come in my bed, could you wear a shirt? That was gross.”

I complain all the time about how he’s too attached to me, so maybe I should throw away my razor.

But I was a little sad to see him think I was totally disgusting.

Wait until holding his hand or kissing him goodbye falls in that same category.