Friday, October 31, 2008


We survived another Halloween. Somehow Mama Crazy Lady thought she could decorate the house, carve a pumpkin, make spiderweb pizzas for dinner,

paint pumpkins, and go trick or treating--all in the same afternoon! But we did it-with very little yelling or gritted teeth.

The Mummy triumphed, after a very long wrapping session only made possible by Daddy's eternal patience and about 30 safety pins.

(Many apologizes for the hideous yellow background. Pictures alone make me want to paint)

He got tons of compliments, and a few Mummy/Daddy jokes..

The kitty was darling. She got ready before the Mummy and ran around the house yelling, "Let's go trick or treat and get candy!" But she peaked early, and after 3 houses, wanted to go home.

Cat and Mummy

After a long neighborhood trek, a few slips and falls, and one haunted house that was slightly too scary, here's what we had in the slightly unraveled Mummy department...

Whew. Must make them dress up again for better pictures.

I guess that's a NOPE

Bitty Girl is in her bed chanting "Halloween Night, Halloween Night."
Guess that means she's not going to nap?

Ah, the joys of having an older brother and being this excited about Halloween at the ripe old age of 2 1/2.

At least she doesn't have a 9 am soccer game tomorrow...

Will post pictures after the big event!

Late afternoon edit: After a diaper change and 30 more minutes of "rest time," otherwise known as chanting, she FELL ASLEEP. For about an hour! Amazing.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mummy is slightly Batty

My one semi-crafty moment (so far) of 2008....

(Bat and Mummy cupcakes, of course!)

For some odd reason, I started getting Woman's Day magazine. Maybe I'm on their "wishful thinking" list. Or maybe Pat secretly signed me up, hoping that I'd actually make something other than spaghetti.

The October issue had fun Halloween cupcakes, and we decided to try two of them.
They turned out rather well, considering....

Considering what, you ask?

  • Considering that a 2 1/2 yr old can't really pick up tiny sprinkles and place them carefully onto the icing that is the bat's mouth.
  • Considering that neither a 2 1/2 yr old or a nearly-6 yr old can really carefully cut two semi-circle scoops out of a Reese's peanut butter cup
  • Considering that neither of the above-mentioned children can adequately frost a cupcake
  • Considering that both of the above-mentioned children are much more interested in eating the discarded peanut butter/chocolate scoops than making the cupcake
  • and considering that I don't have a pastry bag, but used an icing tip and a Ziploc bag for the Mummy cupcakes.

The evidence, Batty Girl and Boy...

If only his Mummy Halloween costume turned out this nice. Will update on the Halloween Costume Fiasco of 2008 AFTER Friday night. Hint: It involves ripped strips of a tea-dyed sheet, lots of safety pins, some random Velcro that doesn't stick, possibly $50 in gauze rolls, and a gray sweat suit. Wish us luck!

Guest comedian

Since either my kids aren't funny enough or I forgot to write it down, the following is courtesy of my niece - 2 1/2 and sassy, smart, and best of all, off her oxygen for most of the daytime! Go Maggie!!

Overheard in her house...

"Give me that pencil - that Pennsylvania" (Get it? Pencil-vania?)

"This is my suitcase, my case, my quesadilla" (Case-adilla)

She also says thats-sterical ("that's hysterical").

She decorated the house for Halloween with her nanny and told Mommy not to be scared, "because it's just pretend, Mommy!"

She tells on herself a lot ("I threw 2 fits today") and takes things away from herself that haven't been taken away...She'll mutter to herself after she's thrown a fit..."and no *ritas*, and no go at *park* and no go at barn *kids*" (That's Rita's, the favorite ice cream place, the park, and Pottery Barn Kids)

Maybe she could take her act on the road??

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Too Tired for Words

We really are. Between getting up early for 8:00 am school every day, soccer practice and games, and Bitty Girl giving up her lovely habit of an afternoon nap, we're all a few hours short of well-rested.

But The Boy is loving school and soccer, he switched from scoring an "own goal" one week to having an assist another week.

Assorted photos of a kick in motion,

a throw-in,

and the post-game huddle!