Thursday, April 23, 2009

Disney's version of Jekyll & Hyde

Bitty Girl is thrilled about her latest hand-me-down.

In her own words:

If only we had a Wicked Queen costume to represent her the other 75% of the time.

Does Disney have a character who is stubborn, refuses to sit on the potty when she's supposed to, hits her brother, and orders everyone around? I feel a movie deal coming on.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Only a little sister

The things you learn from having an older brother.
She was playing behind the couch, telling me she was a wizard going to fight with her magic sword, and she holds up the long blue stretchy tube. It's the kind you swing around in a circle and it makes a whistling noise.

Then she decided she needed her hands free, and had to holster the sword.

Behold Bitty Girl and her magic sword. Either that or item #347 in my future blackmail collection.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Navy Monsters

“It’s a chapter book, Mom. That’s why there aren’t many pictures.”

At first glance, it just looks like one of his many drawings.
But it’s a giant leap for The Boy.

During choice time at school (read: ON HIS OWN with NO DIRECTION), he wrote this book today. It follows some games they were playing at recess.

Navy and Monsters - cover (in color)

Page 1: Navy fights monsters all around. Army comes to help me to fight monsters.

Page 2: Navy fights a very old man. Navy kills monsters

Page 3: Mountain cracking. Navy trying to stop it. Everybody is trying to hold it up.

Page 4: Navy is helping to save the people.

Page 5: (We even have dialogue!) “Hooray for Navy,” they said. Everybody is happy today.

If he works slowly and with help, he can really sound out most words.

But I was completely floored that I could actually read some of these words and understand what he meant. He could read it back to me too.

The letters aren’t the most exciting part, though. It’s the fact that he did this voluntarily--wrote a 5 page book with lots of words and no pictures.

Congratulations to my young author. Maybe he'll guest post soon.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Speaking of elephants

Name that book…

The Boy was trying to describe a book that one of his classmates lost from the school library:

You know that story Around The World, where the kid has the yellow hat? And he walks with the elephants and the balloon gets stuck in the tree and he falls in that purple stuff? And there’s swirly colored stuff on the cover and it comes up like a volcano, but just a little bit up, and the guy is on top of it with the yellow hat.

I couldn’t place it.

He even told me where to go look in the bookcase.
I knew it immediately. Do you know it?


the balloon

and the purple stuff

Got it yet?

And finally, the swirly colored volcano with the yellow-hat guy standing on top.

Oh, the things I could do if I had that memory.