Thursday, April 9, 2009

Navy Monsters

“It’s a chapter book, Mom. That’s why there aren’t many pictures.”

At first glance, it just looks like one of his many drawings.
But it’s a giant leap for The Boy.

During choice time at school (read: ON HIS OWN with NO DIRECTION), he wrote this book today. It follows some games they were playing at recess.

Navy and Monsters - cover (in color)

Page 1: Navy fights monsters all around. Army comes to help me to fight monsters.

Page 2: Navy fights a very old man. Navy kills monsters

Page 3: Mountain cracking. Navy trying to stop it. Everybody is trying to hold it up.

Page 4: Navy is helping to save the people.

Page 5: (We even have dialogue!) “Hooray for Navy,” they said. Everybody is happy today.

If he works slowly and with help, he can really sound out most words.

But I was completely floored that I could actually read some of these words and understand what he meant. He could read it back to me too.

The letters aren’t the most exciting part, though. It’s the fact that he did this voluntarily--wrote a 5 page book with lots of words and no pictures.

Congratulations to my young author. Maybe he'll guest post soon.

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