Monday, November 3, 2008

Things to embarrass his future girlfriends

Since I'm trying to post every day, I'm going to have to dig up all the little pieces of paper where I document the funny little stories.

Recently, I was teling The Boy why I was tired. I had been up sick during the night, and was explaining that Daddy was tired too, because he was awake while I was getting sick.

Him: "Did he have to help you like you helped me when I was sick?"
Me: "No, I didn't need help. But he was still awake because he knew I was up. When people sleep together in the same bed for a long time, they...
(and then I paused, trying to think how to say something like "they get used to each other's sleep patterns" or "they can tell when the other person is restless,") but The Boy had a better idea..

Him: "They get kind of sick of it?"

I laughed out loud, as did his father when I retold the story later.

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