Monday, November 17, 2008

At least he's not afraid of mascots

We had a tough day today. Lots of arguing and rushing around in the morning, arguing this evening, but somehow he had a good day at school in between. We'll try harder tomorrow.

The only comic relief I have is some pictures from this weekend, at an event for work... Here he is with the Sound Transit mascot, Zap Gridlock,

and the Seattle Storm mascot, Doppler.

With all his frustrating qualities, at least he doesn't run screaming from those weird mascot costumes...

And on a growing up note, he VOLUNTARILY made two tiles to be part of a picnic table art project. They were encouraging kids to use stencils of nature-related things, but he stubbornly refused, and said he'd draw his own nature scene. This is not a boy who usually gravitates toward art projects (unless it involves drawing robots or aliens) or who chooses to sit still and quietly focus on something requiring delicate fine motor skills, so I said GO FOR IT!

Not sure how it will come out after kiln firing, but it was all him. Behold the flowers--pencil outline, glaze, and all.

Then he wanted to make another one, and used the butterfly stencil. I only helped encourage him to add a second coat of glaze. This is progress in the art project world, people..

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