Thursday, November 6, 2008

Almost 6

As the big 6th birthday approaches (ok, it's in 5 weeks, but we celebrate long around here), I introduce you to the first of several lists.

Things that concern/perturb/frustrate/infuriate our "Almost 6"
  • The seemingly arbitrary time change back to Standard Time
  • Being wrong
  • Anyone who even remotely suggests that he might be slightly wrong
  • Losing. At anything.
  • Too much attention being given to his little sister
  • Missing out on anything
  • Not having or doing something that someone else has or does or might have or do
  • Being (or thinking he is) the fastest, oldest, tallest, strongest, and general all-around BEST OF ALL
  • When Mom goes somewhere BY HERSELF. Or worse, with HER OWN FRIENDS.

Things that do NOT concern/frustrate/even raise the consciousness of "Almost 6"
  • Nose picking - his own or other people
  • Dirty fingernails
  • Clothes matching
  • Bad table manners
  • That broccoli and carrots are the only two vegetables he will eat
  • Socks pulled up almost to his knees (thank god for long-pants weather)
  • Teasing his sister
  • Making a mess
  • If his jokes aren't funny (he thinks they're all funny)

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