Sunday, November 16, 2008

Art and grammar and DRAMA lessons

Heard today in the House O'Drama:

The Boy: My favorite color is red now instead of green. I want my favorite color to be a primary color, not a secondary color.

Bitty Girl: (upon returning to the room): I BACK!!!

and later, after she had been in bed for 30+ minutes, chatting away and I went in to settle her down...
Mom: Time for sleep now.
BG: I need some water. (I got her a drink of water)
(with a smile on her face)
My tummy feel like...I feel like I barf.
(she meant 'I feel like I'm going to barf' except she forgot she was smiling and looked fine otherwise)

I watched her for a minute, but didn't believe a word of her stalling tactic. She's been sleeping since then, no sign of barfing. (knock on wood)

If she barfs tonight, I will come back and edit this post with a full bad-Mommy apology. But I think it's all an act. A well-polished act, starring parents who should know better but are charmed by her big brown eyes and big smile.

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Nanny Karen said...

Today was a brief post (you deserve it!) but I'm definitely stealing Audrey's entrance line. I plan to yell "I BACK" every time I come into the house!!