Wednesday, November 12, 2008


So you're asking yourself, what is "samily?"
Allow me to explain.

Bitty Girl has an elaborate bedtime ritual and she likes to put her trained monkeys (that's us) through each and every step.

Pjs, Stories and milk, flossing and brushing teeth, the usual... But once she gets in bed, the fun begins.

Kiss through the bars! (of her crib)
Fishie! (make a fish lips face through the bars)
Kiss on the bars (so your lips aren't actually touching)
Eskimo kiss (rub noses)
Then, for the finale........
That involves calling big brother from wherever he is, and the non-putting to bed parent for a group hug. Or a Family hug. or Flamily, like her brother used to say, or just plain samily.

I think the world could use more samily hugs.

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Nanny Karen said...

I'll have to take credit for the fish lips....