Sunday, November 2, 2008


The whole "Fall Back" thing about getting an extra hour of sleep is kind of a trick when you have kids, because they just wake up early and defeat the whole purpose.

Bitty Girl woke up this morning at 7 am-which-had-magically-become-6am, but since she can't tell time and it was still dark, I tried to trick her. I snuggled her with a blanket and put her back down, saying everyone was sleeping. She was sleepily agreeable, but whispered something to me. I had to ask her to repeat it a few times--she was asking for a doll, "Judy." I didn't know of any dolls named Judy, but I was hoping it wasn't something downstairs that I'd have to retrieve. Luckily, as she got back into her crib, she found "Judy" sound asleep on her blanket.

Meet Judy. Sleeping Judy that is. Or as she's more commonly known in the world of Disney, Sleeping BEAUTY.

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