Friday, November 21, 2008

Lunch conversation - wish you had been here

I don't know how she managed to eat anything, what with all the WORDS coming out of her mouth...

Overheard during Bitty Girl's lunch yesterday, over a 15 minute timespan:

"The chicken go through the gate!" She made a gate out of the pieces of her sandwich and lined up the little pieces of chicken to go through the gate. "I'm sorry! Chicken look like a boot! I need another boot!"

"You have to go poo poo, Mommy? (No, I don't, I reply) I give you a sticker. I read you a story. You have to go pee on the potty? (Again, no) Come on, just try."

(While using her fork) launches into a story about her fork. "The fork got lost in the FOREST. Fork went in the woods, saw my Mommy! My mommy hid in the forest. Then I saw my Daddy! My daddy hid in the forest. (and on and on and on)

She also repossessed my noodles, asked me to peel her grapes (which were already cut into little circles), and refused to eat chicken with any skin or seasoning on it.

Hollywood, look out!

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mom said...

And to think, Pat was praying for a quieter child for his second one...she may have taken a bit longer to begin but there's no stopping her now.