Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sliding into home

I did it. 30 posts in 30 days, and it has just about ended me. I would really like to post more often, and if I got more organized, maybe I could save all those funny stories about my kids and post with some regularity.

But really, I'm just staying up too late at night. And after that Thanksgiving weekend o'family, I'm fresh out of stories.
I wish I had some beautiful description of how we played Christmas music today and decorated the house, the kids oohing and aahing as each ornament was unwrapped. Well, not really, but I wish I had taken a nap, done the decorating, and maybe figured out how we can get Christmas lights strung up with no outlet in the front yard.

But let's get real. I did vacuum, we finished the laundry, Pat took the Boy swimming, and we met a new cousin. My stepsister's 6 month old baby Mazie who is so adorable my kids couldn't keep their hands off her. The Boy wanted to hold her, and Bitty Girl wanted to boss her around. Luckily she's a happy, tolerant baby and her parents aren't neurotic first-timers like I was. They didn't hurt her, just a few extra-large hugs and one toppling over backward into the couch.
Now I'm just crossing my fingers that they weren't a vortex of infectious disease, silently infecting her with some nasty cold and cough that doesn't show up until Monday or Tuesday this week.

I should have plenty of blog fodder for December, given that it includes my 36th birthday (ouch), The Boy's 6th birthday, birthday party, family dinner, a couple of Christmas parties, a photo shoot, and 2 weeks off school. If I can just get some sleep.

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