Saturday, November 17, 2007

What is it with them?

I've been leaving the house to work on Saturday mornings for weeks now, trying to sneak out by 8:30 and coming back around 2:30, during Bitty Girl's nap. It makes for a tiring morning for Daddy, but it keeps me slightly saner during the week, not having to work 2-3 hrs every night.

And I feel guilty for leaving and guilty when I'm gone, but it's actually kind of nice sometimes. I can sit like a real grown-up at a coffee shop or the library, and actually get some work done when I'm semi-awake.

The hard part comes when I get home. Why does The Boy, who is used to going to preschool 3 days a week, act so weird when I get back? He's usually fine if Bitty Girl is still sleeping and he gets my full attention. But once she wakes up, he's too physical and too rough and they need constant monitoring. And of course, it's usually when we're trying to clean up or get ready for dinner.

I know he misses me when I'm gone, and maybe it's because it's the weekend and he thinks I should be home, but it's so hard! I get so irritated at him, because she needs my attention too.

Sigh.. I wished for this mama's boy and I definitely got my wish.

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bubandpie said...

I've found that too - I think working outside the home is an acquired skill for the children as much as for the parents. Eventually they figure out how and when to get what they need - but until then, it kinda sucks.