Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Soggy Breakthrough!

No, it's not about diapers...
The Boy started a new round of swimming lessons 3 weeks ago, and we decided on a Sunday morning lesson so Daddy could take him. (Note: see posts from about past horrendous swim lesson and gymnastics classes experiences with substitute teachers) He loved the first three lessons, did great, and luckily the same teacher was there each time.

But today--A SUBSTITUTE!!! And luckily Daddy was there with him, to avoid any Mama Drama. He was a little nervous, but he agreed to participate and had a great lesson.

The funny part is that he loved the substitute teacher. Daddy thought the teacher was a little silly and not that great with the kids, doing things like starting off by splashing water on the kids, and then having them splash each other. If The Boy had been upset, I might even have called the pool supervisor to talk about that teacher's approach.
But guess what part The Boy loved? Of course...THE SPLASHING! He said he liked the sub better than his regular teacher.

Who knew swim lessons could provide us a lesson in expecting the unexpected? When the thing we were dreading--a substitute--arrived, and ended up NOT being the kind of teacher we wanted The Boy to have, of course he loved it.

But who's complaining? We know he's comfortable in the water--he just needs to get through the beginner lessons before he's a huge 10-year old in the preschool lessons.
As long as he was happy and participating in the lesson, I'll keep my mouth shut and the phone on the charger.

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