Friday, November 23, 2007

Thankful I was not there

The Alderwood Mall near our house opened at MIDNIGHT on Thanksgiving for the crazed shoppers. Details and pictures of lunatic shoppers here..
There is no way you will ever catch me doing this, no matter how good the deals are. Unless it's a line for the last pieces of food on Earth, there is nothing I need that much. I was thinking that people were nuts to get up and shop at 5 am, but starting at midnight? Frankly, it grosses me out. We all have too much stuff, and I'm all for bargain shopping, but not when it involves a ton of new things we don't need at a time when no one should be out.

I was happy to be home with my family Thanksgiving night, and to wake up Friday morning at 7:30 am--thank you, my sleeping-in angel children, since you went to bed late--and have a nice, leisurely morning at home. That frantic Christmas shopping frenzy feeling will start soon enough, but I sure didn't need it on Thanksgiving evening. Plus I'm mostly done with the shopping, so that kind of crazy midnight shopping would end up being unnecessary spending. And our major Christmas present--a new furnace, thank you very much--cannot be purchased at any mall.

Ok, maybe if they had furnaces 50% off, I would have braved the crowds. Those things are expensive!

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