Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Bluebeard and Hermit the Frog

Not much today except to show you how quick and tricky Audrey is. You turn your back for a second while she's happily coloring and playing with stickers in her highchair, and BAM!

She basically licks the crayon and rubs it around her face like lipstick... yummy.
The worst part is how smug she looks about it, like "This is just the beginning, silly lady..."

On to the other kid. We got some Muppet Show videos from the library, so we're deep into explaining the difference from Sesame Street and why Miss Piggy is so mean, and Lance calls him "HERMIT the Frog!" I told him it was Kermit, but I love Hermit more than I loved "macanoni." It's hard to correct him when I like his pronunciation better. And he is usually so correct with his words--my mom said I was the same way--so I treasure the little slips.

More tomorrow about his wonderful list of alternative rewards...

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bubandpie said...

We have permanently adopted some of those sweet mispronunciations. No wonder my children are confused...