Friday, November 9, 2007

The Big K

For years, we've been throwing around the idea of Kindergarten. Of course he'd go someday, and of course he'd be ready for all-day, how glad we were that he's a December baby so he'd be nice and old. But there it was, lurking in my mailbox--the school district flyer announcing the Kindergarten Information Fair on JANUARY 12, 2008. Ummm, that's in 2 months? This can't possibly be for us?

To make matters worse, we decided to tour this K-8 school that's part of our public school district, but is a "choice" school, so you get in only by lottery. It's a parent cooperative, so there's a volunteer requirement with committees and parent meetings. Of course we loved it. It's a beautiful building, designed for the co-op program, with these great pods of classrooms that have flexible meeting space outside each pod. Of course you have to have space when you require the parents to spend 1/2 day a week in the classroom. The place is crawling with parents. But it seems like an amazing place, so we threw our names in the hat and will try not to get our hearts set on it. The regular neighborhood school would be fine too (note to self: set up another tour)
If we get into the co-op, we'll figure out how to swing the volunteer thing with a 2 1/2 yr old at home and my work schedule.

During the whole tour, although I was thoroughly impressed with the program, and the idea that this would let us avoid the hideous issue of middle school, I kept thinking, "I'm in the wrong place. What am I doing here? Lance isn't possibly ready for KINDERGARTEN!"

But he is..or he will be. We have a long time before September. It's crazy that they make you register so early, but I'm convinced it's for the parents--so we can do our freaking out thing and then calm down a little over the spring before the summer freak-out begins.

So I'm alternately trying to deny the fact that he's actually going to kindergarten and worrying about whether he'll be able to read by next year, or tie his shoes, or keep his hands to himself. Since his dad is an elementary school P.E. teacher, we fully realize that all kindergarteners do not actually possess these skills, but they are things that make the transition much easier.

But this is my baby, and this week I have actually, honestly thought to myself--maybe we should just send him half day and then he'll still be home some of the time. WHAT??!! I have officially lost my mind. This is the kid who makes me count the hours until bedtime some days.

It's official. The January registration is definitely for mommies like me. If I can get through his 5th (how is it possible?) birthday, the actual school registration, and his last spring in preschool, maybe I can dry my tears over the summer enough to be presentable for his first day of school.


bubandpie said...

Poor Bub turns 4 today, and in Canada that means he's due to start kindergarten in September - so Jan. 08 we have to schedule meetings about IEPs, etc etc etc. Sigh.

MamaDrama said...

And shame on me for not mentioning the part about being thankful that we don't have to deal with that part, so far anyway. I am thankful--every day--and cannot even begin to imagine how difficult it is to add the worries of a kid with special needs to the already overwhelming step of kindergarten!