Thursday, November 15, 2007

Drawing a blank

It's only half-way through November, and I'm already drawing a blank. Blogging every day is difficult because I didn't plan ahead with a theme. Also, instead of being able to go back and rework a previous entry, I have to turn around and write another one the next day. Plus I'm exhausted and it's always late evening.

The obsession with dental hygiene is contagious around here--now they brush their teeth together!

I'm feeling guilty for the lack of journaling about the Bitty Girl I've done. For The Boy, I wrote a journal entry at least every month, and have tons of other little funnies written down on various scraps of paper. I'm worried I'm going to forget the things I'm not writing down. At least I capture a few in blog entries.
So to close tonight's entry, here are things I want to remember about Bitty Girl:
  1. The strange game she plays with Daddy where they put bacon (plastic from the play kitchen) in between her toes. It's one of her few words--"bay bay"
  2. The way she sits at her table and has a tea party with her dollies that she's struggled to stuff into the rungs of the chair or flop up onto the table.
  3. The way she swoops a toy around (usually one of her brother's action figures) and makes the growling/flying/swooshing noise.
  4. Although I have deemed it "just not right," the fact that at nearly 18 months old, she already knows (and loves) Darth Vader, Spiderman, Dora, and the scary Halloween masks and decorations at Target.
  5. The way she methodically carries things from one container to another, one by one, to fill or empty something.
  6. Her sense of humor--she already loves to hide and play peekaboo, or run the other way, giggling, when we ask her to come do something.
  7. The sound of her laughter, especially when she's laughing at her brother
  8. The way her face lights up and she lets out a screech of delight with this little excited scrunching up of her hands when she hears the garage door open and she realizes Daddy is home!
  9. The way she silently and solemnly (and firmly) hugs other kids, even total strangers. It's like she's on a hugging mission and is programmed to hug everyone she sees.
  10. The fact that she's so good-natured. When she wakes up in the morning, she will sing and coo and play in her crib for up to an hour before we go in to get her. And when we finally go in, she just smiles at us, so happy to see us!

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bubandpie said...

I've been feeling the same way - guilty because I blog more about Bub than I do about Pie. And then I cook up a post in her honour - only to have an anonymous commenter drop by to wonder if she'll ever forgive me. You can't win.