Monday, November 12, 2007

Groundhog's Day

I know it's not until February, but we are living like that Bill Murray movie, where every day is brand-new! We watch Bitty Girl doing something sassy, struggling to be independent, flashing her temper, and we find ourselves SURPRISED! Suddenly, we remember--The Boy was just like this at 18 months. How could we have forgotten?

Yes, let's see... 18 months. The age where husband had to build a gate across the driveway because The Boy would bolt out of the backyard. The age where I actually bought (but never used) one of those harnesses to keep your kid from running away in a crowd. The age where, at the family 4th of July picnic, he was obsessed with the teenagers' pick-up basketball game at the other end of the park, and had to be carried to the car screaming.

Direct quote from the wonderful journals I used to keep monthly for him. (Sorry Bitty Girl, not quite so on top of things 2nd time around)
"The Boy is an absolutely delightful tornado--he is sweet and funny with so much spunk and determination, but he never stops moving, runs us ragged, and has quite a stubborn streak! Wonder where he gets, that, huh? It stinks to see my own stubborn sassy face staring right back at me. He sleeps very well, is generally so happy, but is just VERY 2 - already. Typical toddler and typical boy - we keep saying, "This is what we signed up for, we just didn't know we were going to be so tired!"

So as we say these things in 2007, we act like the words have never sprung from our lips...

Maybe it's like that amnesia of labor "they" tell you about--you forget how much it hurt to have the baby or else you'd never consider having another one.

So Bitty Girl, keep reminding us, and please be patient.... We seem to be slow learners.

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