Sunday, November 25, 2007

Two Tired Turkeys

Make that four. We survived Thanksgiving weekend, but are all tired and two of us have colds. Bitty Girl is making that croupy cough sound as I type... hope it doesn't get worse.

We had big Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday, The Boy and Hubby had dinner out on Friday, we had friends over to watch the Apple Cup on Saturday, and went to the Science Center today. Lots of germs mixing together, late bedtimes for The Boy three nights in a row, and everyone having their schedule disrupted.

We all have work and school tomorrow, and Bitty Girl is going to cough on her Grandma and Papa but hopefully not get them sick before they leave for Hawaii on Tuesday.

We need some rest to gear up for my birthday (no party planned), The Boy's 5th birthday 11 days later (small easy party planned but need cookies for two preschool classes), two Christmas parties, and Christmas 11 days later.

So we grit our teeth and remind ourselves that it's about family and the spirit of giving and NOT all the stuff. But we could all use a little more sleep.

Hopefully I'll be inspired to close out November with some better blog posts this week! 25 days and going, at least...

In honor of Bitty Girl being 18 months old today, we had a little fun with the shampoo...
A great name for a rock band--The Anvil Heads!

Yes, that's snot running down Pee Wee Herman's nose... She's one of us with a cold...

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