Wednesday, November 7, 2007

No particular place to go

We definitely needed a slow-down day. I always feel like we're rushing around. Either getting to preschool 3 days a week or running errands, dashing back home for lunch and Audrey's nap, somehow I'm always sweating. How fun is the park if Mommy is anxiously checking her watch, saying, "5 more minutes.. how about one more slide?"

So Tuesday I timidly suggested that we just stay home and play outside. I braced myself for the typical whining about wanting to go look at toys at Target, but he said, "ok, mom. I want to stay home."

Amazing. That was all it took. We had a leisurely breakfast, played tea party and the ever-popular "fling your toys all over the floor," then bundled up to go outside into the sunny but cold morning. Lance dug in the dirt and played (don't get me started, at least he's outside) "shoot my stick guns at the bad guys" while Audrey and I blew bubbles, played in the sandbox and the clubhouse, and rode her trike. Lucky for us, we weren't the bad guys. At least not today...

It was delightful. No one felt rushed, everyone got some fresh air and unstructured play time. We need more of these days. If I can come up with enough fun "inside" options, it might work once a week.

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