Friday, November 16, 2007

The Best Policy

The Boy has a fabulous memory for songs. He often comes home from school and sings us a song he learned, and usually knows every word. Tonight he taught us a cute song about windy days that goes something like this:
"It was so windy today, so windy that my (fill in the blank - he said 'glasses') blew away.
They are nowhere to be found, listen to my windy sound" And then you make a windy, shushhing blowing sound.

So we all had fun blowing and making windy sounds. Later, I complimented him on remembering the whole song. I said, "You must have really been listening well to remember the whole song."

And he replies, "I was listening.
I was quiet because I was in time-out."

So much for my vision of him sitting quietly in the circle following directions and absorbing every word the teacher said.

Pat and I both tried not to laugh at his honesty, and asked why he was in time-out. He said he wasn't listening. So we switched gears and congratulated him on making a good choice to sit quietly and listen after he had been put in time-out for talking. I also thanked him for being honest and telling me about being in time-out.

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