Monday, September 1, 2008

Ready or not....

As if the fact that my baby is going to kindergarten isn't enough, I'm supposed to pack an emergency kit with a comfort letter from home!! School supplies I can do. But this letter is my stumbling block. On top of the nostalgic waves of sadness and the worry that he'll be exhausted or annoying or bored or not have any friends, now I have to worry about a natural disaster and include just the right words from Mom and Dad IN CASE HE'S STUCK AT SCHOOL FOR THREE DAYS eating peanut butter crackers!!?!?!!!

(Deep breath)

Ok, I'll write the darn letter. I appreciate the school's emergency preparedness plan, and attention to detail. I just wish my heart was so prepared.

But we had a good, intentionally low-key weekend, trying to get the kids to bed at a reasonable hour for the last few days.
I had hopes for a big "Night Before Kindergarten" special dinner, and it wasn't what I envisioned, but it happened. He got the red plate
We made special peanut-butter brownies for dessert,
and he got to choose a special dinner. Considering he's Mr. Three-item Menu, I figured it would be easy-pizza or chicken nuggets. But a morning trip to Trader Joe's and a sample of ground-turkey sloppy joes with bbq sauce on flatbread, and he had a new favorite. It was messy, but they enjoyed it. The pictures don't do it justice. And he ate broccoli, so who's complaining?

Maybe it's my photography.
Have I mentioned that Bitty Girl likes brownies? I think this is her "Whassup, Dog?" pose?
Also, in true second baby style, she is tagging along on the first day stuff tomorrow, with her first day of daycare. I am surprisingly not stressed about that part. Hopefully that's because she's more adaptable and I'm less neurotic this time around?
Or maybe all my neurotic is used up on the Kindergarten beginning.
I just hope I don't sob uncontrollably at the door of his classroom tomorrow. The way I did myself in kindergarten.....

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mom said...

maybe it's time to have private comments? Who asre those lottery people anyway?

I'm glad the K teacher (Mrs. K) - didn't have to drag you into the hall and tell you to settle down...)again.