Friday, September 12, 2008

So far so good

We made it through another week of kindergarten! The Boy has surprised us and done really well, settling in with no major drama. He likes his teacher, is making friends in his class, and seems to be enjoying himself.
Have I mentioned that he's exhausted? All this fun, plus a lot of soccer practice and games, takes a lot out of you.

And that's him in the pile on the left below. He runs so hard and concentrates so hard during soccer, but it's hysterical to watch them play. And heartbreaking - last week he scored an "own goal," which happens when you kick it accidentally in YOUR TEAM'S OWN GOAL!!! oops.
No one really seemed to care, luckily, including The Boy. Must figure out how to post videos on the blog, for some real entertainment.

Bitty Girl, on the other hand, is showing signs of the honeymoon being over. She, too, is exhausted. And Tuesday she CRIED and CRIED when I dropped her off at daycare. She did fine, but both days when I picked her up, she ran to me crying out of sheer relief, like "Oh thank god you came back!" She's either just tired or 2 yrs old or getting some new molars, or all of the above. Because she is Grouchy McGrouchypants lately, not napping well, very fussy and wants mama a lot. In other words, not what we're used to from Bitty Girl.

We're giving ourselves a few weeks for adjustment. But we've had beautiful weather, good health so far (knock on all available wood, please), and great teachers, so we're thankful.

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