Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Day of Firsts

Whew. We made it.
The First First Day of School Picture:

But Bitty Girl really wanted to show you how she felt about going to daycare, I mean school...

Other firsts included:
First kindergarten lineup (this is where Mama almost started crying, but The Boy was BRAVE and didn't even cry, just gave this scared/stoic/pathetic puppy look)

(that's his backpack straps you can see, not some weird two-tone blue shirt)

Bitty Girl's first day of daycare, including first NAP at daycare and peeing on the potty, to be followed by pooping on the potty at home. That is a moment worth celebrating! Daycare is going to get us past those diapers. Wonder if they can do anything about her attitude?

It was also the first day of not getting off the bus stop at the right stop for after school daycare. Lucky his crazy Mama was there to run (Yes, I RAN) down the block to the next stop to loudly inform the driver that he had two kindergartners on the bus who should have gotten off at the last stop and one of them was my son! I'm sure they'll have that slight problem of letting the bus go too quickly and not checking their lists closely enough fixed by tomorrow! Too bad I'm tricking them and he won't be on the bus tomorrow...

We had the expected meltdown before dinner, where he loudly informed us that he didn't WANT to have chosen the special dinner last night, he wanted to choose it TONIGHT (as dinner was already on the table) and he WANTED CHICKEN NUGGETS! It was his first day of kindergarten, after all. After some stomping around and a time out in his room, I got it out of him... "I CAN'T READ, and my teacher told us to sit quietly and read a book!"


Commence one discussion about how you LEARN to read in kindergarten and the teacher meant just look at a book like he always does, and how he knows all the letters and the sounds and he knows some words already and he's just about ready to read. After he made me say the whole alphabet so he could say each letter sound (he's just like his daddy sometimes in the determined department), he calmed down.

Overall, it was better than I expected. Think good thoughts for day 2!

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