Sunday, September 21, 2008

Visitors from Up North

We haven't made our way to Bellingham in a while to visit Nanny and Papa, so they were nice enough to come down here and bring NuNu.

The kids usually display some special kind of sassiness reserved for embarrassing Mom in front of the grandparents, but they actually held it together until the end. We had lunch and cookies and no nap from Bitty Girl, and dressing up in scary skeleton costumes and reading books.

No, she's not actually reading yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if she does it young like Mama.

NuNu with her girls. (Evidently the 35-yr old girl needs a few more sit-ups) But enough about my spare tire--focus on the cute look Bitty Girl is giving NuNu.

NuNu discusses serious matters with Skeleton Man

But how scary can he be, when under the mask he looks like this?

It wasn't until they were getting into the car to leave that The Boy decided he MUST get his soccer uniform on RIGHT. THAT. MINUTE and hurry up Mommy and help with my shin guards, and then when I said he could kick the ball for 5 minutes, he had to collapse on the grass in a sobbing heap. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of that one.

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