Thursday, September 4, 2008

Reason #1 to always carry my camera

So kindergarten is going well, 3 days down and 1 to go this week. He's tired, having strange sassy meltdowns each night, but that's what we expected.

Today was my day at home, in which Bitty Girl decided Grrrrr.

But making the best of it, we left early to pick up The Boy at school. School gets out at 2:30 and I walked into the class at 2:15, thinking they'd need some help getting packed up and lined up. But they are already kindergarten experts and they were packed up, sitting on the front carpet singing songs with the teacher.

The following is true. I am not making it up, and there were witnesses. I only wish I had my camera.

Teacher: Does anyone know any other songs? (The Boy raises his hand, but then says, "I forgot" when she calls on him.
They sing another song, like Row, Row, Row your Boat.
Teacher: Anyone else? Yes (to The Boy)
The Boy: Ten Little Honeybees
Teacher: I don't think I know that one. Do you want to come up here and teach it to the class?

Ok, I don't know if she always says this, and encourages them to come up, or if she figured there was no way in hell he was going to come up there.

Can you guess what happened next? That's right, he walked up next to her, so all the kids are sitting in front of him on the carpet.
The Boy: (VERBATIM) Okay everyone, hold up your hands like this. (demonstrates by holding out his hands with all fingers spread, and sings) Ten little honeybees, making honey, one flew out to get some nectar. How many were left?
Class: NINE!!
The Boy: Nine little honeybees making honey, one flew out to get some nectar...

You get the picture. The whole song... I have never EVER heard him sing this song - he says he learned it at preschool, but I partly think he made it up. But the whole class counted down with him, and it conveniently used up all the time they had left while waiting for school to get out.

Somehow the teacher held it together and didn't fall down laughing. I was laughing inside, but trying to look presentable on the outside. That's our Boy, former karaoke star! Maybe we could hire him out to entertain the preschoolers.

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mom said...

I am having a memory of you standing by the big rock in our Woodlake house, ordering around a bunch of the OLDER kids in the neighborhood, who OBEYED YOU.Who.Would.Be.Boss
and left me with my mouth open!! The apple doesn't fall, etc.