Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Nostalgia, sniff, sniff.

It really has surprised me, this weird, wistful nostalgia as Bitty Girl grows and passes milestones. We don't want another baby. Not even a little bit.
It's just the thought of never having another baby in the house seems so odd and final. And while we (meaning dear husband) love to get rid of baby things we won't ever use again, it gives me a twinge of the heart to say goodbye to them forever.

And I spend so much time thinking about how much easier some things will be when they're older, that I surprise myself when I get caught thinking that I love some things just the way they are. Or the way they were.

Bitty Girl was riding her trike today, and I guess it's been a while since I've seen her on it. Somehow she can get on and off by herself, reach the pedals, back up, and lean precariously off the side without falling.

Yes, I fixed her helmet after the picture.

Here's a little cycling action. Just because you can reach pedals doesn't mean you have to use them. Look out Lance Armstrong!

Maybe it's the big girl bed that's making me all sappy. She loves it, and has slept wonderfully in it from the start. She does say that she misses her crib sometimes, and I think, "So does Mama." I love being able to lie down and snuggle with her, but it's a BIG GIRL BED.

(updated picture with less obnoxious purple comforter coming soon)

And she wants to walk everywhere by herself. Which is good--30 pounds is heavy to lug around. But it's such a big girl thing to walk up the stairs at the Y or out in a parking lot. Lucky she still likes to hold my hand.
And eat big sandwiches. No crusts, please.

Just kidding. She still lets me cut her sandwiches. This was just one time she asked for the big one.

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Arzaga! said...

But she loves purple! How can you take away her purple comforter??