Saturday, January 10, 2009

Mini Martha

On our last visit to see my mom, Bitty Girl started what I hope is a life of being a better party-thrower than her Mama.

Her first big step was asking if she could go over and play at Auntie Caff-rin's house by herself. (Auntie Catherine's house is another unit in cohousing, about 500 feet from my mom's unit, just a walk down the path)

She said, "Mommy, can I go to Caff-rin's house?
I said, "By yourself with Catherine?"
She said, "Yes!"
When I said ok, she ran over to my aunt and said excitedly, "My mom said I can go!!"

A little while later we received a phone call from Bitty Girl, inviting us to her party. The Boy was busy with Papa Steve, building something in the shop, but they agreed to stop by. Daddy and I walked upstairs, but left Nanny at her place, thinking Bitty Girl wouldn't care. Oops.

When we arrived, we were greeted by the Hostess with the Mostess, apron and all. Who was in no mood for a photo shoot, let me tell you--she had a party to throw!
The party was set for eight, and the menu consisted of raisins, baby carrots, bread, crackers, oranges, and water. (She kind of sprung the idea on Auntie Caff-rin, who didn't have much time to shop!)

The one minor snag was when she realized my mom wasn't coming up. Very sad pouting, very large lower lip. A quick phone call to DEMAND Nanny's presence remedied the situation, and up she came.
The Hostess seated us all and commanded us to eat.
(Added to the Very Bossy list: Very Bossy Dinner Party)
She was very gracious, hugged each of her guests and thanked us for coming.
But I think she left the dishes for Auntie Caff-rin.

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