Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Excuse us while we have a moment.

To you, it's nothing special, but it made me cry the other day.

This music box has been with us for six years. It's part of the infant mobile set we got when the Boy was born.

At first, I thought it was completely obnoxious and that it would scare him. Plus it didn't match his nursery decorations very well. But it got great reviews, so we tried it.

My mom put him in the crib under the crazy mobile at about 6 weeks and he was completely transfixed. The love affair continued until he was old enough to roll up onto his side and grab it, and then again after a brief pause and crib mattress-lowering.

The music box was the best part. Because after he was too big to have the mobile hanging over his crib, we kept the music box around for bedtime music. It was calm, soothing, and lasted 15 minutes, way longer than the wind up mobiles. We took it to Grandma's house, and on vacation with us. It was a part of the family!

I still remember the day he said, "Mommy. No music. Take it out of my room please." He was about 2 1/2.

So we packed it up until Bitty Girl came along. Somewhere along the way the mobile stopped spinning around, so she mostly just got the music box. But we loved it, for 2 1/2 more years. Then one day, she asked for it to come off her crib, and for "no music please." But she still wanted to play with it, so it soothed her dollies to sleep for a few weeks.

But now we decided it's time to pass it on to another baby. And I got a little sad. And cried.
Since Bitty Girl is the last one, there are a lot of "lasts" coming up with her.

We thought about keeping it, but you know, a 36 yr old with a baby music box on her dresser is just a little bit weird.

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