Saturday, January 17, 2009

Speaking of moments...

This one will never come again.
Sweet little piggies sticking out of the bars of her crib.
Because tomorrow we put up her big girl bed.

Yes, I know we really should wait until she crawls out of her crib on her own, or take the front railing off the crib first. But we found a bed we liked, she's excited about it, so we're going for it.

She's excited about it. Not quite sure if Mama is ready for this. I can't help myself--I've been sneaking in to take pictures of her while she's sleeping. "Last Days in the Crib" photos. I keep waiting for her to wake up and ask what the heck I'm doing.

Sick, I know... But she's so snuggly.

She'll probably need these as proof for her therapist to explain the weird dreams and fears of flashing lights at night.

I am excited for the matching blankets thing. Looking at the mishmosh color combos in these pictures hurts my eyes. Maybe if I turn off the camera and leave her to sleep in the dark, the colors wouldn't bother me so much.
sniff, sniff. Stay tuned for the Big Girl Bed update. We hope excited about the bed = will sleep in new bed as well as in crib.

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