Sunday, February 1, 2009

Winning and Losing

Overheard while The Boy was watching the Super Bowl awards ceremony with Daddy....

Boy: Daddy, where is the Arizona coach? Why isn't he out there?
Daddy: He's probably in the locker room. He's kind of sad because his team didn't win.
Boy: Why aren't the Arizona players out there on the field?
Daddy: They're sad too. It's Pittsburgh's celebration, so the Cardinals aren't out there.

Someday soon, he will suffer a crushing defeat on the baseball or soccer field. And then he will understand why they weren't out on the field.

But today, he didn't really care that much. Because he's a Steelers fan anyway.
Remember he was only 3 during the 2006 Super Bowl, so he doesn't have the deep Steeler anger. Having my sister and the cousins in Pittsburgh definitely helps. Plus he likes to root for the favorite--higher chance your team will win, you know..

Here's The Boy, Big Ben, his Steelers helmet, and another shot of our pathetic tv. I was horrified to realize the glare is fingerprints, and I cleaned it after the photo. I can't believe I'm posting this picture, and I don't know how they watched the game, honestly.
(see below for history of the helmets)

Steelers win!

The helmets are Daddy's collection from when he was little. They were the Happy Meal-type toy from some burger place, and he must have eaten quite a few burgers. We've shown a few to The Boy, but a couple of weeks ago, he broke out the whole collection. At bedtime.
At least Mama was off the hook for getting him to bed. Once the sports questions start, I am officially off duty. I have trouble hiding my glee when that happens, and have been known to snicker out loud. I deserve it, after 6 years of being the preferred bedtime "tuck-er in-er."

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