Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Weekend in review

We had a short weekend getaway to Lake Chelan. I know - in the WINTER? Our big plans of some bunny hill skiing were changed at the last minute because we finally--like a month after everyone else figured it out--realized that Lake Chelan has had NO SNOW for 2 months.

But Mr. Boy-who-is-not-very-flexible was very good when we broke the news. We made big plans for bowling and maybe a movie and candy store and lots of swimming.

So here's how it went..

Saturday: SuperDaddy took each kid swimming. Separately. While I did a dinner run, because that's what happens when you arrive at 5 pm after a 3 pm lunch and realize that if you all go swimming, some small people are bound to be screaming hungry right.at.bedtime!

Much too late to bed Saturday night, after attempting to let both kids sleep in the hide-a-bed. Pack n play to the rescue!

Sunday: Fantastic hotel breakfast. This is a serious free breakfast, with an dedicated breakfast room with waffle station, eggs, cereal, muffins, juice, yogurt.

Then family swimming. Warm indoor pool, but cold run back up to the room on the outside breezeways of a hotel really meant for summer.

look who thinks he's some sort of swimsuit model
but is really sort of a swim monkey?

Bowling at Chelan Lanes
Action shot - PBA, here he comes!


No photos were taken of the minor meltdown that occurred in front of the substitute candy store. Seems that the candy store they visited in 2007 is no longer open, and although we found another store and purchased some candy, Mama opened the wrapper AT THE WRONG TIME. And that would be the 6 yr old's meltdown. Bitty Girl was too busy stuffing her face with chocolate to worry about having a fit.

Recovery and calming down was had by all, quiet hotel games were played, and we had dinner out.

Night swimming for the chlorine-logged boys, early bedtime for Ms. Pack n Play.
Monday: KIDS SLEPT UNTIL 8:00 am! More breakfast, SuperDaddy swims again with both kids. I did help get them showered and dressed.

Grand total for swimming:
Daddy - FIVE
The Boy - Four
Bitty Girl - Three
Mommy - One ( don't know how I even pulled that one off - married to a swimming angel)

Stopped in Leavenworth on the way home for a quick candy store and hat store trip.

Why we didn't ask one of the million tourists to take our picture, I don't know.
Mama and the drama-ettes

Stone Cold Bitty Girl...
who finally decided to smile when her brother left to take a picture.

But your reward for reading all the way through are the best two pictures of the trip...

A little time to get centered...

and a big brother who will hold your hand.

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Arzaga! said...

Lance is totally going to hate you for the "model" shot...