Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Well, you asked...

Today The Boy and I were finishing his end-of-the-year thank you cards for his preschool teachers. I asked him what he liked most about each teacher, what was his favorite part about the year, etc.
Today he wanted to add a card for a third teacher in his afternoon class, one who's only there for a couple of hours during the lunchtime hour when the class has more kids. I think she's young and part-time, and we've heard stories about how she thumb wrestles with the kids and plays in the gym.

So I asked him what he wanted to write in the card to her, and here's what he said - verbatim.

"Thank you for playing games with us in the gym and not just standing around like S. and R. (the head teacher and assistant teacher) always do."

I couldn't help it. I burst out laughing. When we stopped laughing, I said, "How about I just write thanks for playing with us in the gym?" And then I explained that this teacher just comes for a couple of hours, and the other teachers are responsible for all the planning and cleaning up and supervision in the classroom and the gym, etc. Standing around - ha!

In one ear and out the other. The way to a preschooler's heart is through the gym.

What I have avoided writing about tonight is that tomorrow is his LAST DAY OF PRESCHOOL.
I am not prepared. What if I cry saying goodbye to the teachers?
I know he's nervous thinking about it too, but more with the realization that the first day of kindergarten is really coming. Today he asked me if I was scared on my first day of kindergarten. I said yes. (Mom and Grandma, you are FORBIDDEN to tell him how I was completely hysterical and the teacher had to take me out in the hall!)

A big milestone. To mark the occasion, he got his stitches out today.
Doesn't the big floating "Wizard of Oz" head look happy? Better picture coming soon.

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nanny karen said...

If crying the first day of EVERYTHING like his mama did means he'll be as smart as his mama, then I'm all for it. WAH...