Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Some sort of record

This blog is about to be renamed: The Boy and his Injuries.

We had a first today. The first time his school called to say, "He's fine, but he had an accident, a collision with another child, and we think he might need stitches."
Of course it was the one day a week I'm at work. Twenty minutes away. Daddy rushed to school to wait while I left work, and I met them there. In true wonderful mommy style, I kissed him, and then immediately whipped out my cell phone to document it for the blog.

Crappy cell phone pictures don't do it justice, even close up. But those eyes! I swear he added extra pathetic for the photo.

What happened? He collided with another kid as said kid was running out of the bathroom while The Boy (he swears he was walking) was going in. Other kid is slightly shorter than The Boy, so I think the top or side of his head connected w/Boy's eyebrow and cheek.

So back to the ER we went--the same ER where he received one stitch behind his ear last August, after hopping on one foot right into a table. And remember he still has a SPLINT on his arm!
I wish I had a photo collage of each person's face (the triage nurse, the registration person, the medical assistant, and the physician's assistant) when they asked, "What happened to your arm?" right after they asked, "How did you cut your eye?" I think I have the "CPS Watch List" on my chart, especially when they realize we took him to a DIFFERENT hospital for the broken arm, and yet ANOTHER one for the broken collarbone 3 years ago.

Short story, it took four stitches to close up the gash that looks like a boxing injury in his right eyebrow, he was a trooper, I almost fainted while they were cleaning it out, and after three hours, one candy bar, one bag of Doritos, and an ice cream cone later (see his mouth in next photo), we were home. I predict a black eye by the weekend.
We love you Brave Boy!


mom said...

you really should send this one in to that Worst Mama Ever blog!

ChefSara said...

my brother was so accident prone as a kid, they actually separated him from my parents as they questioned him about what "really" happened to cause his injury. really, I think we all lost count of the broken bones, cuts that needed stitches and other such things...