Monday, June 2, 2008

Bitty Window

Just watching Bitty Girl tonight, I must have laughed 500 times. I wanted to get it on video, but knew she'd stop once she saw the camera.

They were outside in back, The Boy and Daddy were playing catch, and Bitty Girl was trying her best to pretend like she wasn't trying to get in the middle.

First she played in her water table for a while, happily splashing and pouring.
When she noticed the boys weren't paying any attention to her, she switched to her ride-on bike. She zoomed toward Daddy first, very obviously running over his toes on purpose. She alternated between using her tiptoes to zoom and walking/dragging the bike.

Then she switched to riding with one knee up on the seat, imitating Grandma with her scooter after her recent foot surgery. I wish I had a picture of the smug, delighted look on her face when she realized she could do that kind of zooming without falling over. Daddy intervened briefly when she put both knees/feet up on the seat, but then went back to his game.

Now she was getting desperate. She turned the bike on its side in the middle of the court and ran to get a bowl of water and a towel. By golly, if they won't pay attention to me, I'll WASH MY BIKE in the middle of their game.

One of the best parts that I left out at the beginning was her outfit. Green long-sleeved tshirt that she's quickly outgrowing, khaki flowered leggings, pink Merrell mocs on her feet, and her pink flowered bike helmet.

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