Thursday, June 19, 2008

Good clean fun

Or not so clean, in their case.
Guess who taught his little sister how to make mud pies?
And please do not say "Shaun Cassidy." I know her hair looks terrible. She had a top ponytail for her nap, and then took it out, leaving Shaggy Doo behind.

She has never had more fun in her life.

Notice the blurry hands and the complete concentration. She was deeply involved in a physics lesson, entitled "Velocity and Distance Mud Travels Based on Speed of Hand Waving"

Maybe next time I'll send her outside in grubby shorts and something other than a white onesie and her best butterfly jeans. God Bless OxiClean.
We actually hosed them down on the deck before heading upstairs for a bath. See "mud sleeve" on her right arm..

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