Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Two Thousand Eight

also known as The Year the Snowstorm Caused a Little More Drama Than Usual.

So far, we have survived. Barely. If more snow arrives, we can't promise how Mommy will do.

Bitty Girl asked, "Mommy, what do you want for Christmas?"

Luckily, we had pictures taken before the snow arrived to make our lives difficult.

Thanks to Sara Montgomery, sister of my friend Kaia and talented photographer, for making us look better than we usually do!

Whew! We took one by the tree in case we don't make it for a Santa picture by tomorrow!
And look - they stood nicely together without arguing for approximately 5 seconds!

Someone cleans up well! (makes up for the World's Worst School Picture 2008)

She even managed to capture a real smile, which is elusive these days.

Bitty Girl didn't mind posing....

Especially if she had her favorite dolly.
We are sending lots of love and holiday wishes that you find much peace, laughter, and happiness in your lives in 2009.

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Mama Karen said...

There are not enuf "awwwwws" in the world to fit on this page....you and your family are gorgeous~!