Saturday, May 23, 2009

Serious potty talk

We've been slightly busy around here, with half-written blog posts, t-ball, spring activities, and roof estimates. But we had to pause to pay tribute to a trusted friend who has been with us for years, worked hard to help us, and who we are thrilled to send into retirement!

Thanks for the memories, Diaper Champ!

that would be EMPTY. Which equals POTTY TRAINED!

And another exciting milestone - potty at the park! Bitty Girl has spent the last few weeks holding it if we were out in public or somewhere with an "icky potty!" But at the park today - she did it!

Big relief as summer approaches: rest stops, gas stations, here we come.
Note to self: Buy more hand sanitizer, and those travel toilet seat covers.

1 comment:

Karen said...

darling BIG GIRL bitty girl!! Remember to teach her how to breathe thru her mouth instead of her nose..... xx mama