Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Genes and jellybeans

Sometimes two worlds collide. In Bitty Girl's case, it's a collision of heredity.

Tonight in the kitchen:
"Mommy, I went pee on the potty three times at school! Can I have jellybeans?"

(background: I finally caved and started giving her 2 jellybeans every time she went on the potty. I know, I know... don't tell the dentist.
I was originally against it, but guess who came home from daycare with the last of her pull-ups because she no longer needs them?? Sometimes you have to do whatever works!)

Forgetting that I'm talking to an almost-3 yr old and not Mr. Kindergarten Math Wizard, I said, "Well, if you went three times, then how many jelly beans would that be?"

And she said, "SIX!"

After we picked up our lower jaws that had flopped open in disbelief, I gave her the jellybeans.

Coincidence? Or maybe just a case of a serious sweet tooth on Mom's side combined with the human calculator gene (and a love of jellybeans) on Dad's side caused her brain to work overtime. Or else she's some sort of a genius.

But now when we say "You do the math," I think we may have more than one volunteer.

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kingjumpsuit said...

I will be requiring six jellybeans as well at work tomorrow. Please come prepared :)