Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day, preschool style

I'm a lucky Mama.

The Boy's preschool class hosted a Mother's Day event last Friday. We were invited to come for the last hour of preschool. They made us wait outside, then each child greeted their mother with "Aloha" and gave her a lei made out of felt flowers and straws.

We sat at the tables set with hand-made placemats and talked while we waited for all the moms to arrive.

Then we were led into the gym, where the kids treated us to a concert of songs they had been rehearsing for weeks. Some funny, like "Bringing Home a Baby Bumblebee," and some sweet, "I Know a Name." One of his teachers is Hawaiian, and she did a dance about a mother's love for her baby. Then the kids sang "Pearly Shells," complete with hula movements. It goes, "Pearly shells, from the ocean, shining in the sun, covering the shore. When I see them, my heart tells me I love you more than all those little pearly shells."
I cried.

Back in the classroom, our suddenly huge and grown-up kids took our ice cream orders and served us ice cream, cookies, and punch. The Boy now has a chocolate ice cream stain on his cast...

Before we left, we had to find their painting of Mom, along with a questionnaire inside.
Here were his answers..
Mom's favorite drink? Water (I am not kidding - one girl said, "She likes beer." !!!!!)
Her favorite food? Lasagna
What does she like to do with your dad? She likes to go to anniversaries. Something funny is it's usually on my Dad's birthday.
What makes your mom laugh? When I tell funny jokes.
What is her favorite music? She likes the song about sharing we have in the car.
What does she do for fun? Playing with my baby sister.
(Mom needs a social life, evidently, along with a more diverse music library..)
Where does she shop? Fred Meyer
What is your special time with mom? Going to the park and the toy store sometimes.
What do you do with mom before you go to bed? Read stories.

Whew, no big family secrets exposed. I thought question #3 was fairly brave of the teachers, considering what kind of answers it could have prompted.

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Kathy said...

Hi, I just wandered into your blog while browsing and that is too cute! I love the questionairre, and I love how kids think our entire universe revolves around them...well it does, but a sharing song?? Playing with baby for fun. He sure makes it sound like you don't get out probably don't. ;)