Sunday, May 25, 2008

To Too Two

A letter to Bitty Girl on her birthday...

Bitty Girl, you are TWO.

You have actually been "two" in spirit for months, with all the sassiness and shrieking and "No, Mommys" and changing your mind and random crying fits. But also with the explosion of language, words just pouring out of your mouth, and the capable way you can feed herself and decide what you want to eat and play tea party and feed your babies and feed us pretend food.

You amaze us daily. You can do so many things at two, many that just happened upon us, almost suddenly.

-climb up and down stairs (often with your hands full like Mommy)
-entertain yourself
-play outside
-ride your push trike
-spin around and make yourself dizzy
-repeat EVERYTHING we say
-feed yourself
-pretend that you're feeding us or eating pretend cookies or serving tea, or putting your dollies at seats at your tea party table
-setting a picnic on the kitchen floor, complete with picnic tablecloth, play dishes and food
-remember tiny details, like the fact that we said you could have a cookie after your nap or that you saw the neighbor's cat on the roof yesterday
-be ADAMANT that you want to play at the park, or have your OWN cup or PICK your own snack or do JUST.WHAT.YOUR.BROTHER.DOES
-tolerate being schlepped around in the car to take your brother to school, pick him up at school, go grocery shopping or Target shopping
-play hide and seek with Daddy and your brother (although your hiding quietly needs work)
-pick out your own clothes (mostly dresses and your rain boots)
-light up with an ear to ear smile when Mommy or Daddy gets home

I feel guilty that I'm wishing this stage away. I'm always whining about how hard this is, and how "I think I'll be better suited to being the mom of a 5 and an 8 yr old, rather than a 2 and 5 yr olds." I just think I will be able to handle the craziness of coordinating soccer games and homework better than I can handle naps and potty training and the "everyone needs Mommy and to touch Mommy and to have Mommy hold them and listen to them all at once."

But I can still barely believe it's been two years. Two years since we became a family of four, since The Boy became a big brother, and since the real craziness began.

Happy Birthday to the girl who makes it all worthwhile.....

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Nanny and Papa said...

We had not seen you for more than 4 weeks, Bitty Girl, (nanny..hip...)and then this weekend had a great party and sleepover for your 2. Darn, we missed the opportunity to give you a toutou...)Most amazing was the torrent of non-stop words, proving what we've known all along - YOU UNDERSTAND AND KNOW EVERYTHING!!! We love you Audrey girl.