Sunday, March 2, 2008

We're all tired around here

Lately, it's common to find Bitty Girl turning our family room into a huge sleepover. All her dollies seem to be tired all the time, requiring many blankets and lots of "shhhhh, shhhhhh" as she puts them to sleep.
On the hard, cold, brick hearth.

Notice this Little Mommy gets to nap with her babies!

As you can see, she's very proud of her creation, right down to the Mr. Potato Head yellow glasses around her neck (only because they don't fit on her eyes).
And it's not just the babies. Look closely, and you'll see, along with Bitty Girl pretending to sleep on the cold, hard brick hearth, that Power Rangers and Star Wars figures and Spiderman get tired too. Lucky for them, they live in the right place.

And I've noticed that I have very few pictures of The Boy lately. That's partly because he often refuses a picture, and partly because the "5 year old smile" just doesn't turn out in pictures.

But here's one recent kids vs. chocolate ice cream event. I think The Boy was already wiped up, because he's not that neat.
Coming soon....
What 5 Can Do vs. What Almost-2 Can Do

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Nanny Karen said...

Good thing phone calls are cheap now. When you used to call Santa at the North Pole or NuNu in Florida, it sure ate into our household money! She is precious all right...