Thursday, January 3, 2008

Destroying the Evidence

As I stuff the candy remains into the garbage, I realize that I'm still holding the smoking gun--the boxes. A flash of genius occurs to me when I realize I can rip open the boxes and turn them inside out before putting them into the recycling.

Before you start worrying about my chocolate habit, let me explain. In true form, I overbought the candy to make gingerbread houses this year. The dumb grocery store had some 10 for $10 sale on big boxes of Whoppers and Mike & Ikes and Reese's Pieces, so of course I gave in.

And after one messy session of house building, when we were up to our ears in powdered sugar frosting, and both kids (Bitty Girl must be included in everything now, especially if there are treats involved) had eaten their weight in Whoppers, we ended the project with two small gingerbread houses.

So what to do with the extra candy? It wasn't chocolatey enough for me to eat all of it, and most of it in the open boxes would just get stale. That's how I got to the garbage stuffing. But I realized that if The Boy (or maybe Bitty Girl, for that matter--since Christmas, her treat radar has gotten razor sharp) saw the empty boxes in the recycling, a New Year's Fit of Candy Withdrawal would ensue. And that's how I got to the inside out boxes.

Guess I could have just taken them outside to the big recycling bin. But that wouldn't have made much of a blog post. The point is that while I had hopes that the kids would get their father's sweet tooth, which consists of much willpower, no strong love of chocolate, and a liking for Skittles and licorice and jellybeans (I know, he's not normal), they are both complete chocolate fiends and would eat treats all day if you let them. Bitty Girl was ruined early--how can you watch two people drinking hot chocolate or eating cookies in front of you and NOT want some?

Luckily we have good teeth and an obsessive tooth brushing routine.

Only six weeks until Valentine's Day.....


Mama Karen said...

You didn't dare blame your MOTHER for the chocolate addiction because then SHE would have to blame your GRANDMOTHER, who had candy drawers in her dining room FILLED with FULL-SIZED Hershey and Snickers bars!!?? (having been deprived in her childhood...another story...)

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