Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Blog and you shall receive..

or feel a little better.

Sometimes I question whether I should really be so honest about the kids' misbehavior or my own mis-parenting. Do people read these entries and think, "She is a) doing everything wrong, b) exaggerating how bad her kids act, or c) completely nuts?" (Did that multiple choice remind you of college exams?)

But often just the writing is cathartic, and the forced reflection helps me put it into perspective, even if no one else ever reads it.

After the "Christmas Eve Tantrum of Ungratefulness" post, however, I am convinced. Moms should write these things down and share them. Because it makes other people feel better. You know what they say, misery loves company. But everyone needs a little "there, there" from time to time.

I have had two friends respond to my post with stories of their own five-year old House of Horrors. One child found an "extra" present that had been hidden because of duplication and present excess, and threw a long tantrum about how he didn't like any of his other presents as much as he would like that car. He is invited to the soup kitchen with The Boy next year.

And another's daughter (yes, girls do it too...) had a meltdown when a family box of presents didn't contain anything for her (her big box was coming separately). She also sorted all the presents to make sure she had the most, and after a marathon Christmas day of stockings and present openings, declared Christmas "boring."

Whew. I responded to both with empathetic belly laughter! Honestly, my first thought was, "Thank goodness it's not just MY ungrateful kid." But I appreciated them sharing with me, and was glad that my blog post made them laugh and feel a little less alone in the crazy holiday parenting roller coaster.

So bring it on, and I'm sure my lovely children will provide enough blog fodder for many holidays to come..


Karen said...

I also think (since these posts can be kept forever..) that it will be FUN (?) for the kids themselves to read of their mischief. When my mom tells me how she stood in the kitchen with a knife at her breast when her 4 young daughters were plaguing her, I have no proof that she's not doing her oh so usual exaggerating. Here, on blogspot, is the perpetual proof, ad nauseum. The kids might even apologize.

bubandpie said...

I can vividly remember being that ungrateful child - the sheer intensity of Christmas greed is more than one small person can cope with. (Another reason to save these posts - I can't help but think our children will find them helpful when they become parents.)