Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ninety two

My grandma is 92 today.
When I was growing up, she lived in Connecticut or Florida, and while we did lots of visiting, it was still only a couple of times a year.
She has always been my biggest fan, and you can see it from my baby pictures. Her adoring smile is the same in every one, even visible through a very bad scan of an old photo.

Rachel, 2 weeks old

And the best part, one of the reasons she is such a wonderful Grandma, is that's how she treated my sister and all my cousins, and that's how she treats my kids too. She made us all feel like we were her favorite.

As I was going back through photos for her birthday post, I realized that since she moved up here to live near my mom in 2005, we have had 5 opportunities to celebrate her birthday with her. For that, I am extremely thankful.

2006: 87th (pre-Audrey) I have no clue where we are, blame the pregnant brain

2007: 88th birthday at La Fiama

pre-dinner with two squirming kids

2008: 89th birthday at On Rice.
Finally, we can sit at dinner and take a photo, thanks to Star Wars action figures!

2009: The big 90th birthday, complete with a private dining room, lamb chops with mint jelly, cheesecake for dessert, and a NuNu memory book!

In 2010, 91 was celebrated with poor photography but good company. She came to our house, which was clearly not good for the photos.
Kids trying to spell out "91" with their bodies. See, Audrey is the 9 and Lance is the 1?? Work with me here...

Birthday pie

We did connect with some extended family, 2nd or 3rd cousins, and had a wonderful time. Unfortunately, we still took terrible photos with one unwilling subject.
And now at 92, we are so lucky to be able to wish you another Happy Birthday!

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