Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I can hardly wait

I think I will quite enjoy myself if I ever have the pleasure of becoming a grandmother. (If they're good and old enough, first, of course)

Because Bitty Girl is compiling a list, and I, her dutiful yet evidently a FAILURE of a mother, am acting as her scribe. Stay tuned for future additions to the list.

We call it "My Kids," and it goes something like this:

MY kids..... (heavy emphasis on the my)
  • are going to be able to stay up late. As late as they want.
  • are going to eat all the candy they want. For breakfast.
  • will be able to color with crayons and markers in the living room
  • can have all the crayons they want in their room. Even if they color on their furniture.
  • will not have to use lotion after they take a bath.
  • are going to be allowed to bring toys and stuffed animals outside, even if they're inside toys.
We also play another version called "When I Grow Up, I Will Let My Kids"

When I grow up, I will let my kids.....
  • drink chocolate milk all day
  • drink carrot milk. This involves dipping your carrot into your milk and licking the milk off
  • get chips every time they go out to eat at places that sell chips
  • drive the car. (I usually just smile and say, "Lucky kids!" but for this one, I said - "Really? Before they're 16?" To which Future Mother of The Year replied, "I'll put in a special car seat so they can reach the pedals."

Now to file these away so I can carry on the tradition of snorting with laughter when my daughter complains about her children.

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